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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bill Pay?

Bill Pay is an electronic bill payment service that allows you to access, view, and pay your monthly bills over the Internet from anywhere at anytime. This technology-based application reduces the amount of time and money you spend on check writing and postage fees. According to Jupiter Research, it was reported that in a one-year span, each U.S. household spends an average of 48 hours on bill management, $46 on postage, and $144 in check-writing fees on only 12 recurring monthly bills. The research firm also estimated that through increased levels of ease and cost savings, electronic bill payment can decrease consumers' bill management time and costs by up to 60 percent. Now that's efficiency!
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How do I enroll?

Simply access your Providence Federal Credit Union account using Online Banking and place your mouse over the Bill Payment option from the menu bar. Choose Bill Pay Logon from the menu that displays. Bill Pay will begin the enrollment process automatically.
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How do I log on?

Access your Providence Federal Credit Union account using Online Banking and place your mouse over the Bill Payment option from the menu bar. Choose Bill Pay Logon from the menu that displays.
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How easy is it?

Extremely. Enrollment is quick and immediate. Once enrolled, members can immediately view and pay their bills using their designated credit union account - absolutely no waiting period is required. Members can also log on to schedule future or recurring payments, view past bills or payment histories, make service requests or inquiries, and modify personal account information.
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How does it work?

Electronic bill payment enables you to receive and pay your bills through the Internet, directly from our Credit Union's site. Receiving and paying your bills online takes significantly less time than traditional bill payment methods and is extremely easy. In addition, you control the entire bill payment process - you determine how much to pay, when to pay, and what payment method to use. And, depending on where you decide to view and pay your bills, you may have a variety of options, such as scheduling payments up to a year in advance, scheduling variable or recurring payments, reviewing pending payments, and accessing full payment history. With online bill payment, you can pay anyone, at any time, from anywhere - convenient and simple to save you valuable time.
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What about security?

Most consumers think nothing about passing their credit card to a waiter at a restaurant, or sending a check through the mail, yet many are fearful of making online purchases. They would be surprised to learn that paying bills online can be even more secure than those transactions. Online bill payment services employ several standard safeguards for online financial transactions that ensure data integrity and transaction security, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and user IDs and passwords. These features ensure that sensitive account information is protected at all times from unauthorized viewers.
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When does Bill Pay debit my account?

Other Bill Payment services take your money out of your account before your bill is paid. Providence Federal Credit Union's Bill Pay doesn’t debit your account until the day your payment is due (just like when you mail your payment, without having to mail your payment).
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Who do I call for help?

Call Member Care at 888-908-7495. They are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week including holidays.
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How do I cancel the service?

Log in to your account using Online Banking and access Bill Pay. Choose the My Profile tab and then select the Service Setup link. At the bottom of the page is the Cancel Your Service... link. Please keep in mind that any bills that were scheduled to be paid will be canceled.
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Named 100 Best Non-Profit & Green Company to Work for in Oregon

We've been ranked #11 and we've been ranked all the way to the top spot of #1. Regardless, our employees love working at Providence Federal Credit Union and we believe in providing the right work environment - fresh, open, flexible and supportive. This also applies to our green offices and branches - recycle, reuse and reduce. Click here to read more about how we've been named the best place to work for and what we did to earn the green spot in Oregon.

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