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Partnership Program

Welcome CUProv Partners!

Providence Federal Credit Union appreciates and values the relationship we have with our CUProv Partners. Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary and timely information to your employees. You help represent the Credit Union by informing your employees about the benefits of joining Providence Federal Credit Union. Therefore, it's our job to make it easy for you to request and receive information from us to you to share with your employees.

What is the CUProv Program?

The program is designed to assist you in spreading the word about the Credit Union. Becoming a member of the Credit Union is a benefit to your employees, and we make it easy! You invite us and we do all the work! We offer the following services, and it's free:

  • Schedule a New Employee Orientation (NEO) Presentation
  • Schedule a meeting with your staff
  • Free on-site Financial Seminars
  • Table Set Up in the Lunchroom with Business Development Officer to answer questions and open new accounts

NEO Presentation/Table of Information

We can be available to speak from 5 minutes to 15 minutes – it's your call. We'll make it happen. We think your staff will find them informative and fun! Before and after the presentation, we'll have a table filled with information about our products and services, free giveaways, and a gift when they sign up to join the Credit Union. You may also request donuts or cookies and even bottled water.

So, you just schedule a time for us to be there and supply a table, and we'll supply the rest for your meeting. It's that easy!

Schedule a Meeting with your Staff

We can also be present at your staff meetings. You define how long you would like us to speak and we'll have all the information your staff needs to learn about what we have to offer. Plus, we'll have freebies and a gift when they join the Credit Union. We'll be happy to supply cookies, donuts and/or bottled water – just let us know. We make it effortless for you!

Free On-site Financial Seminars

We offer a variety of free on-site financial seminars for you and your employees. They can last from 1 hour to 1 ½ hours, and are typically scheduled in the early evenings; however, they can be scheduled for a time that's best serves your employees. We offer the following seminars

  • Home Buying
  • Car Buying
  • Financial Planning & Budgeting
  • Identity Theft – Protect Yourself

Let us know if we can answer any questions about their content. We are always available after each seminars to answer any questions.

Need more Supplies?

If you need more Member Packets, our business cards, pens or rep packets, just give us a call or email us. We'll fill your orders quickly. If you have an employee who wishes assistance, just send them our way! We're happy to help!

Contact our Business Development Officers

To schedule an NEO presentation, meeting, seminar or simply have a table set up in your lunchroom (or wherever you would like), simply contact Sharon. She'll be happy to talk to you about your group's needs and schedule meeting, seminar, or event that will work for you!

Contact us

We’re vigilant about protecting our members’ information and assets.

Contact our Business Development Officers

To schedule an NEO presentation, meeting, seminar or simply have a table set up in your lunchroom, simply
contact Sharon.